aeris, one of the top 100 most innovative SME business in Germany, has devoted itself to revolutionising standing and sitting at the workplace. Aeris philosophy is as simple as it is effective: more movement! In three dimensions. They call that 3D ergonomics. For their customers this simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity. 


In 2007, Aeris became one of the top 100 of Germany’s most successful small and medium-sized enterproses, this nearing witness to the potential and dynamics of the company whose reputation has been developed and constantly expanded by growing international activities and steady portfolio growth.



The muvman is the first active seat for standing / sitting 

that uncompromisingly meets all the workplace demands through revolutionary technology and ergonomics. 


The muvman sets standards for movement speed, versatility, and sitting heights for use in retail, laboratory, medical practice, and manufacturing shops. It also makes a simple aesthetic statement: sleek, elegant and distinctive.

Productivity starts where standing long hours stops.


How you sit is how you feel.

After its arrival on the market in 1997, when it comes to 

a safe sitting in motion, the swopper is the be-all and end-all. 

With its revolutionary 3D technology, the swopper has revolutionized the office chair industry, enabling movement and posture adjustment in all directions. 


The award winning active seat adapts to you thanks to its special three-dimensional movement-not vice-versa!


Design that moves

Wow! Just yeah! This is always very remarkable eye catcher. 


The oyo bounces you into all kinds of sitting positions and shakes you. It's incredibly convenient and still makes a bella 

figura-in the classroom, conference room or at home


There are myriads of office seats. But which one gives us back the normal freedom of movement we missed from our every day life at the office?


The 3Dee active office chair. What makes the 3Dee so different from other chairs in our offices? Quire straight forward. The 3Dee is built around the himan being’s natural biomechanical model, without compromise

The most innovative office chair in the world


Pretty clever, plenty of movement.

Nowadays kids spend so much time sitting still doing homework, on the counter and in front of TV.


The spopper was specially built at kindergarden and primary school ages for children’s great need for movement.


This is actively avoid bad posture and back issues thanks to its 3D technology

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