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PRO TECHnology is the preferred choice when it comes to the service and after sales support of all your Apple devices including Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones and all other Apple products. This makes us an excellent choice for many common Mac repairs like screen replacements, data recovery and more. We are proud of being faster and more cost effective than other Mac repair options.


We have helped thousands of Apple users running Windows on their devices. Whether you are running Boot Camp, Parallels, VMware or other configurations, we can help with all the issues that may arise including security, user support, data recovery, backups and more.

Complete Mac Repair and Services


Comprehensive Diagnostics

Mac not booting? Running slow? Let us evaluate your system to ascertain the true state of your Mac. Our professional team will thoroughly test your Mac’s hardware, software, security and performance. Call or visit us today to get immediate help.


Software Troubleshooting

If you are struggling with macOS or any other software, we can assist you. Our technicians have a vast knowledge of the applications you use on your Mac including Mac Mail, Office, Outlook, Adobe Creative Suite and more! Need help moving from older versions of apps like Entourage, Quickbooks, Final Cut Pro to name a few, Give us a call or stop by our store today.


Screen Repairs

We can often repair broken Macbook displays faster and cheaper than Apple’s one-price-fits-all repair strategy. We’ll always provide honest recommendations and guarantee our parts and labor. Give us a call or drop by with your mac for a screen replacement estimate.


Liquid Spills

If you have spilled anything on your Mac, turn it off immediately and bring it in. The sooner we get to work, the better the success rate. Included with our Liquid Spill Evaluation service is a full disassembly and cleaning job using special techniques, equipment, and approved chemicals.


iPhone Repair Services

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If you ever drop your iPhone and it stops working or the screen is broken, then you need not panic. PRO TECHnology can arrange for quick display repairs, broken screens, battery replacement and other hardware issues. Our highly skilled technicians with long experience in iPhone repair services can offer you a reliable iPhone repair services.

Our expert technology geeks are available throughout the week to help you with the below-mentioned services: 

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Upgrading iPhones with

software installation

Display, screen, and

sensor replacement

Glass screen


Cable, microphone, and

speaker replacement

Preventive and

maintenance service

Clear Coating for iPads and iPhones


With Clear-Coat scratch protection, you get best quality, military-grade strength and added grip for fewer drops along with 360º coverage that’s sleek and thin. Our unique Clear-Coat products protect not just the screen, but the entire device for invisible and bulk-free protection. Powered by patented technology, military-grade materials, USA manufacturing and a Lifetime Guarantee. Learn more about our

full line of Original, Matte & Fusion Impact skins and see why millions of people agree that

Clear-Coat is the best screen protector.

Pricing Guide

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Clear Coating for Phones
Clear Coating for iPad/Tablet 
Clear Coating for Laptop
Full body lamination with Glossy,
Matt & Texture finish - AED
299.00 + VAT
Full body lamination with Glossy,
Matt & Texture finish - AED
360.00 + VAT
Full body lamination with Glossy,
Matt & Texture finish - AED
499.00 + VAT

We offer gold plating customization to your mobile phone, iPad and Surface Pro. Additionally we can add your logo or preferred tect on the device.

Phone Gold Plating Customization
AED 5,500.00 + VAT(No warranty for Phone or Gold Plating)
iPad or Surface Pro Gold Plating Customization
AED 7,000.00 + VAT for upto 10.2" and
above 10.2" will be AED 7800.00 + VAT (No warranty for Phone or Gold Plating)
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