HRM48c will  support your Sign Business, with its powerful spindle motor do processing, cutting and engraving materials like acrylic, plastic, wood, and aluminum for sign products including 3D works

Work Area 2,440mm (X) 1,240mm (Y),  200mm (Z)

Work Tablevacuum and T-slot table

PrecisionLocation ±0.1mm

Repetition ±0.05mm

Moving SystemX, Y Axis Rack & pinion/Helical and linear guides, stepper motor

Z AxisBall screw and linear guides, stepper motor

Maximum traverse speedX, Y = 32,000 mm/min

Operating Controller      NK105 system  (G/M Code compatible)

Spindle MotorHigh Frequency       Manual change ; 7Kw Max RPM 24,000, HSD Italy

Power220V,Single phase / 380V  3 phase    (50/60Hz)

Designed by Hanter Korea Assembled in China

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