7200 Z - Mid-Format Production Center

With print speeds up to 29.7 m2/hr // 320 ft2/hr and a printable area of 600mm x 1,200mm // 23.8”1 x 48”, the 7200z is a TRUE Production Center and features optional accessories and modules like:

    EasyCyl 7200 – Cylindrical printing

    Patented ADA-Compliant/Braille Signage printing

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1800 Z - Small-Format UV LED Printer

Our 1800z UV LED printer line is “wider and faster” than the UVMVP series printers and has the ability to print up to 304.8 mm (12 inches) wide. New resolutions will be introduced as well, allowing for faster printing.

The machine’s design takes into consideration years of valuable customer and technician feedback with regard to the UVMVP series printers. With an all new cover design, the 1800z models have a fresh look that mimics that popular 7200z’s design

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UV-84DTS LargeFormat UV LED Printer

The allure to bigger, better, and faster is always there. With the UV-84DTS, the large-format printer market now has the ideal option for doing more. It’s simple really. You can develop more applications, produce more products, and generate more profits with this 4’ x 8’ (120cm x 243cm) UV LED printer, the largest from DCS.

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