How to secure your home?

PRO TECHnology will help you monitor every corner of your home. With video doorbell at your front door and security cameras around the house, we can create security around your entire home. Video doorbell and security cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing you to watch over your home and answer your door from anywhere through your smartphone. The devices send instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or when there is motion in the front of your camera, you’ll be the first to know when anyone steps on your property.

المراقبة المستمرة للأسرة والممتلكات وفي كافة الأوقات

تسمح لك هذه الانظمة بمراقبة كل ركن من أركان عقارك. ومن خلال استخدام جرس الباب بالفيديو على المدخل وكاميرات الضوء الكشاف أو بقعة الضوء المركزة حول المنزل، يصبح بإمكانك إحاطة منزلك بأكمله بطوق آمن. كما أنها تتضمن إمكانية المحادثة باتجاهين وتحتوي على إضاءة وصفارات إنذار للتنبيه في المنطقة. ويمكنك اختيار ميزة الاتصال بالكاميرات عبر التطبيق المتوفر للهاتف المحمول أو باستخدام أي جهاز حاسوب شخصي.

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Featured Products

Video Doorbells


Ring Video Doorbell 2

Next-gen Video Doorbell with enhanced video resolution and quick-release battery.

• Instant mobile alerts
• 1080HD wide-angle video
• Built-in microphone and speakers


Google Nest Hello

Monitor your front door with the Hello Video Doorbell from Nest. Access video on your iOS or Android mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection and Wi-Fi via the free Nest app.


ZKteco TL400B

Your smart phone is now your key.
Voice volume is adjustable.
Enhanced security by random password for code access.
European standard mortise - the door locks by itself once close.

Door Locks


Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect

Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect offers a secure alternative to the standard deadbolt lock. With this tamper-proof keyless deadbolt, you won't have to worry about lost keys or picked locks. 

Indoor Camera


Vimtag P1 Camera

Vimtag’s user friendly app gives you full control over the system, including pan and tilt, motion triggered push
notifications, it even supports multiple users.


Nest Cam Indoor

Is everything OK at home? You can’t always be around to see what’s happening. With the Nest Cam Indoor security camera, you can look after home, even when you’re out.

Outdoor Camera


Ring Floodlight Cam

The world’s only motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way talk.

• Crystal-clear HD video
• Two ultra-bright LED floodlights
• 110-decibel siren alarm


Ring Spotlight Cam

Battery-powered HD camera with two-way talk and spotlights, for security anywhere you need it.

• Brilliant 1080HD video
• Wide-angle camera lens
• Built-in microphone and speakers


Google Nest Wifi

Nest Wifi is a scalable system that gives both whole-home coverage and a consistently strong signal. Each Nest Wifi point is also a smart speaker with the Google Assistant. Wi‑Fi the way it should be. Stream with speed.


Linksys Velop.jpg

Linksys Velop

Velop with intelligent mesh technology is an award winning family mesh Wi Fi System created to work seamlessly together. 

Our Services

A detailed site analysis is undertaken to provide customized home security solutions for your property. The team will visit and recommend relevant camera positions considering the best visual coverage.

Site analysis


End to end services in installing security devices at your property.



The technical team will examine the strength and connectivity of the network in your premises which determines the smooth functioning of security devices in relation to connectivity.

Internet network analysis


The team will guide you through downloading application and configuring the device connection to your phone which gives you access to view your property from anywhere.







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