A new generation of LaCie Electron Blue Monitors launched in Dubai by PROTECHnology

PROTECHnology, the Master Distributor for LaCie in the Middle East launched today a new type of Lacie Electron Monitors.

Featuring Diamondtron natural flat aperture grille tubes, the LaCie electron19blue III and electron22blue III monitors produce sharp, bright images with vivid, accurate colors and zero geometrical distortion. By adding LaCie’s optional blue eye hardware calibrator, graphics professionals also have precise, dynamic color and screen control. Designed for demanding content applications, LaCie’s electron22blue III monitor features an extra-wide 22-inch tube and a 20-inch diagonal viewing area. With a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a flicker-free refresh rate of 80Hz, the LaCie electron22blue III excels in all of the primary measures of image quality. For mainstream applications, both monitors allow users to select lower resolutions that are more appropriate for applications such as Word Excel and Web browsers.

The electron19blue III monitor sports a 19-inch tube and an 18-inch diagonal viewing area that provides a 25 percent increase over the display area of a typical 17″ monitor. With a maximum resolution of 1600×1200 @ 76Hz, the electron19blue III is ideal for graphics professionals, freelance video content editors or anyone who find that a 17″ monitor is too small and isn’t ready to commit to purchasing a 22-inch monitor.

Because surrounding light alters the way a user perceives colors on the screen, the LaCie blue eye is designed to compensate for room lighting. Combined with the LaCie blue hood that is supplied with the monitor, users are assured of consistent and reliable colors. The easy-to-use calibrator allows users to choose between automatic, pre-set calibrations or manual adjustment of each value such as luminance compensation, gamma or white point temperature.

With the optional USB blue eye hardware calibrator, users can precisely adjust each electron gun in the monitor (red, green, blue) individually until the optimum settings are achieved. Once the monitor is perfectly adjusted, the blue eye generates a ColorSync™ profile that can be used in virtually any video, animation or content development application. Using the blue eye’s Reference and Target capabilities, workgroups can match color across multiple monitors to ensure consistency as projects move from creative workstation to workstation. “These large-screen monitors are professional workhorses for digital content developers where controlling color quality is vital to the project,” said Scott Phillips, President of LaCie. “The competitively priced electron blue monitors and blue eye hardware calibrator combine to provide the single best solution for precise color matching. In addition, since these people spend so much time in front of the monitor we’ve done everything possible to ensure they are easy on the eyes.”

Mr. Jamal Maraqa Managing Director of PROTECHnology said: “The flatness of the electron monitors’ screens reduces eyestrain and light reflection while eliminating the geometric distortion created by the rounded shape of standard tubes. As a result, the image viewers see on the monitor’s flat screen is what they see in their completed video project or printed on paper. The unique dark blue frame improves the picture contrast and helps the eyes focus on the screen”. ” And we are pleased to announce that they are available now in the Middle East through PRO TECHnology- The Master Distributer for Lacie in the Middle East- with full after-sales Service”.

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