Canto announces Web Publisher Pro

Canto, the global leader in Digital Asset Management solutions & its master distributor in the Middle East PRO TECHnology have announced ‘Web Publisher Pro’, a new Option that allows users to publish Cumulus catalogs and to market digital assets on dynamic web pages in the Internet.

The new Option is based on the Cumulus Java Classes and is especially designed for users who do not merely publish their assets but also intend to market them, as is the case in marketing departments, ad agencies, publishing houses, PR departments, and also in museums, mail-order-houses and other user groups. The new Internet solution is compatible with Cumulus Workgroup Edition and Enterprise Edition.

With Web Publisher Pro users are able to create dynamic web pages allowing visitors to comfortably search for images and other documents within Cumulus catalogs using a standard Web browser, then they can sort and select and finally place the items in a collection basket for download. Web Publisher Pro is well designed, features an incorporated ordering system and offers remarkably improved performance over the existing Cumulus Web Publisher Option—which will continue to be offered.

“The Web Publisher Option that we’ve had for many years has proven to be a great value for thousands of our customers. However, the new Web Publisher Pro is again something people will get excited about, because it offers state of the art technology, much better performance and significantly more value out of the box. To name only one, just the fact that Web Publisher Pro allows you to do business and “not only” publish your assets on the web makes it a tempting offer,” said Jennifer Neumann, CEO of Canto. “Practically, the Web Publisher Pro is the best basis for setting up Imaging Server or Document Server solutions.”

“Web Publisher Pro is immediately usable, yet also extremely flexible and completely customizable using high-end HTML editors,” said Mr. Mansur Mahmud, Archiving Division Manager in PRO TECHnology. “Integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver is perfect as the existing possibilities like Custom-Java-Tags and online reference are fully supported. Integrations into existing workflows can be easily realized & this makes Web Publisher Pro the ideal solution to publish production data in the Internet”. He Added.

Web Publisher Pro uses Cumulus’ format conversion functions so that assets can be converted into other file formats, color spaces or resolutions before downloading them – an ideal tool for Cross Media Publishing. Web Publisher Pro allows Marcom departments to make their digital originals (masters) available to other departments, users can then download them in a converted format according to their needs. A sales agent from an international branch needs the company logo in low-res quality for a PowerPoint presentation, the graphic department needs a high-res for the company brochure. Web Publisher Pro automatically creates the different formats. As all manual work is eliminated, workflow efficiency increases drastically.

“What literally amazed everyone who has seen the product so far is the fact that customizing and extending it has become much easier now, through the integration with Macromedia’s Dreamweaver product,” Jennifer Neumann continued. “And that while the scalability of Web Publisher Pro goes way beyond the capabilities of our old Web Publisher or other similar products.”

The integrated ordering system enables users to choose a preferred method of asset delivery-download, email or physical fulfillment, e.g. CD-ROM. A separate management of users and groups has now been implemented, based on the Cumulus database so that no additional installation and licensing efforts are required. Customizations and integration with existing databases of other suppliers (e.g. mySQL) can be easily realized.

Web Publisher Pro is based on the Cumulus Java Classes. Web pages with very high traffic reveal the real power of this Java technology, as response time becomes extremely fast. Contrary to Java script implementations, all actions are performed on the server with the Java implementation used here. Users and administrators both profit from the obvious benefits: State-of-the-art technology, central, easy maintenance and adjustment of the jsp pages, high performance and fast response due to the server-side operation.

• Cumulus catalogs online • Instant access to catalogs with standard browsers • Easy search, sort and download functions via Internet • Search and sort across multiple catalogs • Interface individually customizable • Based on Java technology • High performance, multi-threaded • Integrated Users and Groups function • Integrated ordering system with collection basket and log file • Content of collection basket saved across transactions • Easy integration into high level HTML editors


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