Dubai joins Apple in launching Tiger

PRO TECHnology, the Apple Authorized Reseller in Dubai today announced that it’s Apple Center located in Sheikh Zayed Road will be part of the Apple launch of Mac OS X v10.4 called “Tiger,”

Apple Stores and resellers were gearing up for the launch of Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger” under a program specially designed by Apple IMC Middle East under the brand “Tiger World Premiere”

“Tiger, the new major release of the world’s most advanced operating system from Apple, is on sale starting from Friday 6:00 p.m. at all participating Apple Authorized Resellers and Apple retail stores worldwide, and PRO TECHnology’s Apple Center in Dubai was one of them. “We are so glad to be chosen by Apple IMC Middle East to join their Apple Authorized Resellers in this event and this is happening for the first time in Apple history in the Middle East”, said Emad Shawqi, General Manager of Apple Center at PRO TECHnology

“Tiger is the most advanced personal computer operating system in the market. In this event of launching Tiger, which will be available in our showroom till next Monday, our visitors will have the chance to look and try the new features of Tiger like Dashboard, spotlight and many others. In addition, they will discover how to make their Mac the center of their digital world. They will talk to our Mac Specialists to learn more about the newest Apple products and technologies.

Spotlight is the first universal, integrated search system ever offered as part of a mainstream consumer PC operating system.” He added, “Spotlight is only one of the impressive new features in Tiger,

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