IXION in Partnership with PROTECHnology

PROTECHnology is pleased to announce their new partnership with IXION, appointed as the official distributor for the UAE region for all IXION products.

The IXION brand is owned by T-Radio. They produce intuitive, user-friendly systems with natural, clear audio reproduction through advanced technology and innovative features. Their aim is to ensure that you can listen to what you what, when you want, without any problem.

The IXON grabs attention, will start conversations and tangle your senses with sounds. This is more than just another music streaming device, it’s a design piece crafted to be played out proud. To fulfil this vision, Tom has joined forces with former Tandberg Radio engineers, one of the world’s most influential designers, software developers and specialists to assemble an unstoppable team of knowledge, skills and dedication.

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