PRO TECHnology and Aeris GmbH at GESS 2018

PRO TECHnology, a partner of aeris, the specialist in seats that support and encourage motion, presented the products of the Munich company at the GESS Exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Centre, from 27th February to 1st March 2018. GESS stands for Global Educational Supplies and Solutions. The trade fair is for all sorts of solutions in the education sector. In education, essential factors for efficient imparting and receiving of knowledge are attentiveness and concentration.

Studies shows that motion plays an important role here in keeping people more alert, attentive and concentrated. This is why PRO TECHnology  showcased the sitting in motion seats of aeris at this year’s GESS Exhibition. All the products of aeris GmbH are designed to keep you moving while sitting. Rigid sitting with lack of motion not only harms the musculoskeletal apparatus but also generally slows down bodily functions. The consequence: Tiredness, lack of concentration and dissatisfaction.

The unique and patented solutions from aeris provide an incomparable sitting experience and make working and learning a genuine pleasure!

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