Pro TECHnology announces Middle East launch of LaCie Rugged portable hard drive

PRO TECHnology, the leading integrator of storage and high availability solutions in the Middle East, has announced the Middle East launch of LaCie Rugged with FireWire 800, the latest all-terrain portable hard drive from LaCie, a leading global manufacturer of top-of-the-line digital tools.

The LaCie Rugged Hard Drive with triple interface is designed to prevent loss or corruption of data caused by drops or rough use, as it comes equipped with a unique aluminium shell and rubber bumper that protects it from table-height drops. LaCie Rugged was designed by world-renowned designer Neil Poulton. Emad Shawqi, General Manager, PRO TECHnology, said, “PRO TECHnology is proud to introduce this state-of-the-art technology to the Middle East market. LaCie Rugged is the most ideal portable storage solution on offer today for back-up, video storage and large data volume exchange on the go. Being equipped with FireWire 800, the solution boasts optimal speed with data transfer rate of up to 800 megabits per second, and offers high-speed USB 2.0 interface connection.”

“Having built partnerships with some of the world’s foremost technology manufacturers, PRO TECHnology has always been the first to bring breakthrough IT solutions to the region,” added Shawqi. “We have simultaneously been making steady investments in our own internal resources, to ensure that we remain well positioned to provide services to our clients that assure maximum return on investment.”

As LaCie Rugged is powered by the FireWire or USB connection, it eliminates the need to take along a cumbersome AC adapter. FireWire 800 bus speed of 800Mbits/s coupled with 7200rpm on the 100GB model allow for fastest transfer rates in a portable drive. LaCie Rugged is ready out of the box for cross-platform use, or can be formatted to fit specific needs.

PRO TECHnology provides comprehensive IT solutions for medium to large enterprises. The company’s solution offerings are as diversified as network infrastructure, remote access, complex storage, backup, high availability, mobility and digital graphics and printing solutions. PRO TECHnology specialises in the implementation of efficient client/server network infrastructure and peer-to-peer network requirements. Utilising the latest techniques, PRO TECHnology is able to reduce downtime, accelerate installation, and lower overall project costs.

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