PRO TECHnology announces the release of PosterJet 7.5 Software in the Middle East

PRO TECHnology LLC. introduced version 7.5 of the high-performance RIP solution PosterJet®. The refined version 7.5 includes significant performance improvements and several new features that assist printing large-format jobs easier and much faster.

New features of PosterJet 7.5 include: • Color curve editor now with real-time and color-managed image preview ICC profile viewer for output and input profiles; including multiple viewing angels, animated 3D view, transparencies and preview color options, 2D views (2D ab, 2D uV, 2D xy), adjustable axis, zoom, true color display • Comprehensive auto-cropping, ‘fit-in-format’ and ‘fit image to page size’ functions • Optional spot color editor (Add, delete, adjust spot colors), including sophisticated ‘search’ functionality, ‘go to’-feature to find specific colors, etc. Support for all current color libraries. • And many more intelligent features … PRO TECHnology has a strong reputation as a professional solution provider in the fields of media and marketing in the Middle East.”A bundled solution will go on sale this month through our PRO TECHnology Main offices in Dubai, UAE.” said Mr. Emad Shawqi, General Manager of PROTECHnology LLC. “PosterJet is the most reliable solution for color calibration and ICC proofing available in the industry.”

“Graphic arts professionals in the Middle East have been suffering with the color calibration required for their every day work. Now, with this new software from PosterJet is a simple-one step procedure.” Said Mr. Ilyas sales manager of HP designjets at PRO TECHnology LLC “ICC Profiles, generated by PosterJet 7.5, using Eye-One color measurement solutions, will assure the highest level of color fidelity from display to print. This is what our customers have been asking for and now PosterJet has made it possible.”

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