PRO TECHnology appointed as a partner for the HP DesignJet 9000 printers

PRO TECHnology, a leading provider of storage, backup, digital archiving, business and mobility solutions, has been appointed by Hewlett-Packard (HP) as partner for the HP DesignJet 9000 printers for the countries in the GCC region excluding Saudi Arabia.

PRO TECHnology is one of only two HP partners to provide the high-end outdoor printer series to customers in the region. The DesignJet 9000s recently had its worldwide launch held in Dubai.

HP DesignJet 9000s is a fast 64-inch production printer that is designed to accelerate the industry-wide transformation from analogue to digital in the large-format graphics marketplace for outdoor applications. With HP Designjet 9000s, Print Service Providers (PSP) can drastically reduce response times and increase print capacity. The HP DesignJet 9000s is also the fastest printer in its class with speeds of up to 20m2 per hour. Its high print speeds and low running costs increase the break-even point for PSPs, creating a huge competitive advantage when competing with screen printers. “As retailing and marketing activity is heating up in the region, retailers are looking at various means to attract customers by using various tools and techniques including high impact signage,” said Emad Shawqi, General Manager, PRO TECHnology. “Print Service Providers in the region are then faced with the prospect of providing solutions on reduced production cycles and ever decreasing margins. The only prospect therefore is to adopt printing solutions that are high speed and that reduce the total cost of ownership such as the HP DesignJet 9000s. ”

“We are certainly elated by the decision by HP to select us as a partner for these products as it reinforces our position as a leading provider of practical solutions in the Middle East region,” added Shawqi. “PRO TECHnology is a reputed provider of large format printing solutions. We have achieved key successes in this area and were recognized as the Best Distributor in the Middle East by HP for Large Format Printing (LFP) Solutions at Gitex Dubai 2005.”

The DesignJet 9000s comes packed with features that make it the most affordable, durable and cost effective solution for outdoor signage. The DesignJet 9000s has a range of additional accessories such as the HP DesignJet 9000s Air Purifier System, a sealed carbon air purifier that reduces the number of volatile organic compounds released during the printing process. The low solvent inks for DesignJet provide excellent durability without lamination on low-cost, uncoated media. Moreover, the inks can help produce durable signage that resists fading for up to three years and are scratch, smear, and crack resistant. The sophistication of HP inks and the print head technology also enables a higher concentration of colorants to produce a wider gamut of rich, saturated color for high impact images. The DesignJet High Speed Dryer accelerates drying time for the print, and the take up reel kit enables long, unattended print runs at maximum print speeds.

Ernest Azzam, Business Development Manager, LFP Imaging and Printing Group HP Middle East said, “HP DesignJet 9000s was developed in response to the market demand for a high-performing, cost-effective solution that meets and exceeds the need for a durable printing technology that can handle complex graphical content yet operate in a highly competitive pricing market. By offering low-price printing without compromising speed, the HP DesignJet 9000s will aim to set a new price and performance point for the industry.”

“We selected PRO TECHnology as a partner for this product due to its established and fruitful track record with HP,” says Azzam. “As a leading provider of IT solutions and the lateral portfolio of products they offer, combined with the widespread reach and expertise of the company across the Middle East, we are confident that PRO TECHnology is in the right position to take the HP DesignJet into the market and establish world class after sales service.”

PRO TECHnology provides comprehensive IT solutions for medium to large enterprises. The company’s solution offerings are as diversified as network infrastructure, remote access, complex storage, backup, high availability, mobility and digital graphics and printing solutions. PRO TECHnology specializes in the implementation of efficient client/server network infrastructure and peer-to-peer network requirements. Over the years, PRO TECHnology has built strong mutually beneficial partnerships with leading companies such as IBM, Veritas, Storageflex, Qualstar, Nexsan, DICOTA, Apple Computers, Canto, LaCie, and HP.

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