PRO TECHnology implements digital photo archiving solution at Dubai Municipality

PRO TECHnology the leading integrator of storage and high availability solutions and CANTO, a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, is very pleased to announce the implementation of a Digital Photo Archiving Total Solution.

Using Cumulus 6.6 Archive Server Solution, Cumulus Workgroup Edition, and Web Publisher 2.0 incorporating an array of security enhancements essential for protecting and safeguarding brands and assets at Dubai Municipality.

“Cumulus new control features in version 6.6 provides the end- user with great flexibility in customization and integration, and it will improve the workflow at Dubai Municipality even more.” said Mr. Shaban Taha, Technical Director of PRO TECHnology. The Cumulus 6.6 Server Solutions offer powerful version control features including the ability to save all versions of an asset, ensuring that complete revision history is always available, and version control is guaranteed. With check-in/check-out functionality, Cumulus 6.6 lets only one person at a time to work on a file yet allows others ‘read-only access’ to previously saved work for transparent and efficient workflow.

Dubai Municipality users will greatly benefit from the ability of Cumulus to automatically read metadata from RAW files generated by more than 80 digital camera models and supports XMP sidecars. Working with images is easier with the Pixel Image Converter enhanced to support a “Bounding Box”, allowing a number of images to be rendered to the same user-defined size without any distortions.

The Workgroup Server Family manages and archives all types of digital assets. The Cumulus Workgroup products consist of: the Publishing Server Solution which allows instant publishing of marketing and sales collateral on the Web; the Business Server Solution is designed for a remote workforce that works on assets across the internet; the Archive Server Solution which provides central access to assets.

With Cumulus Archive Server Solutions, asset security is enhanced and the centralized access features of Canto streamlines work flow at Dubai Municipality by automatically accumulating assets in one central, safe and managed location ensuring complete cross-platform compatibility” explains Mr. Jamal Maraqa, Managing Director of PRO TECHnology.

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