PRO TECHnology implements disaster recovery project in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

PRO TECHnology has successfully implemented a complex disaster recovery project in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone as a part of the business continuity strategy of SAIF Zone, comprising Veritas Software & QualStar SAIT Tape Library of 86TB.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF-Zone) has emerged as one of the fastest growing and the most sought-after free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Offering a host of quality services and facilities, the SAIF Zone was established in September 1995, and since then it became successful in attracting more than 400 companies from over 48 countries. Presently, they are in the process of further expansion and diversification. As one step ahead in that direction, SAIF-Zone have recently signed an agreement with PRO TECHnology to deploy a prestigious project for the migration of Microsoft Active Directory / Exchange Server and the implementation of a centralized /automated Disaster Recovery Solution using VERITAS (Symantec) NETBACKUP Software and QualStar Automated Tape Library System using SAIT technology.The project was completed July 25, 2005 with the signing of the Acceptance Technical Document. Mr. Ashraf Abu-Mwise, SAIF Zone Head of Computer Services Department was very happy and appreciative for all the efforts and fast response done by PRO TECHnology’s Technical Consultants and Engineers.

VERITAS NETBACKUP 5.1 is a recognized industry leader in Backup and Restore solutions. It can greatly decrease backup windows, by maximizing the data throughput to the tape hardware. Used in conjunction with a powerful QualStar tape library, NETBACKUP provides a very high performance data management, backup and restore system across the SAIF zone.

Some of NETBACKUP’s important features are its ability to provide a single back-up solution to encompass all Windows, UNIX, LINUX and Netware Servers within a single backup platform. SAIF Zone geared for on-line backups of major database such as Oracle, SQL and E-mail solutions such as Microsoft Exchange. “VERITAS (SYMANTEC)’ unparalleled performance was evident in SAIF Zone. NETBACKUP also provides a variety of backup mechanisms, including ‘disk staging’. If backing up data from a slow server or over a slow link, disk staging allows a full backup to be ‘cached’ on the backup server during the lengthy backup process, and then streamed quickly off to tape.”, says Shaban Taha, Technical Director, PRO TECHnology, “This mechanism also provides for speedier restore processes, by holding key data on fast and easily accessible disk based storage. This in turn increases the likelihood of a full backup being achievable each night – an obvious benefit to SAIF Zone.”

The disaster recovery solution also provides SAIF Zone a policy based scheduling of backup jobs. The system will take pre-defined criteria such as available backup window and available tape drives, and will formulate an appropriate backup regime.

Its easy-to-use interface provides access to all the required functions within NETBACKUP, and provides real-time monitoring of current backup and restores jobs. A full range of reports can be run, to identify common trends, faults, or simply to monitor what data is held on each tape, which proves to be very beneficial for SAIF Zone.

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