PRO TECHnology joins BMC Softwares application centric storage management

PRO TECHnology a pioneer in backup, disaster recovery and high availability solutions in the Middle East and North Africa today announced its membership as a partner in BMC Software’s Application-Centric Storage Management (ACSM) Program.

Through this program, PRO TECHnology will sell and support BMC Software solutions to its enterprise customers in the region liaising with the master distributor of BMC, Elite Computer Solutions [BMC Middle East]. BMC Software’s ACSM Consortium allows partners to work with BMC Software to market & support technologies that deliver application-centric storage management, ensuring data reliability and availability across heterogeneous storage environments.

“We are excited to have PRO TECHnology as a new member of our ACSM Consortium,” said Tim Peck, General Manager, BMC Middle East. “Joining hands with a specialized company in storage solutions like PRO TECHnology will be a great further step we are taking to create an awareness of our product in the Middle East”.

“We realize the importance of providing our mutual customers with an effective way to manage today’s heterogeneous environments while providing unprecedented data availability and recoverability,” said Dale Powers, Elite Computer Solutions.

PRO TECHnology and BMC Software are working closely Market and Support the products that are complementary and interoperable in the Middle East. Products such as BMC Software’s PATROL Storage and Management products are undergoing extensive certification testing, so that customers have a SAN solution ready to implement right out of the box.

BMC Software’s PATROL Storage Management products are based on the Application-Centric Storage Management (ACSM) initiative the company developed which allows customers to manage their enterprise storage assets in a way that optimizes application availability, performance and recoverability. By focusing on the application itself to direct storage policies and procedures, PATROL Storage Management directly relates storage management to business processes. BMC Software is delivering an entire storage management solution that directly links applications and storage, and this unique approach takes advantage of BMC Software’s proven systems management approach.

“PRO TECHnology’s partnership with BMC is new offer for the level of professional services will enable organizations and OEMs in the Middle East to have a single point of contact for managed High Availability and Business Availability solutions” says Jamal Maraqa, Managing Director, PRO TECHnology

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