PRO TECHnology Success at GESS 2016

PRO TECHnology successfully participated in GESS 2016 “Global Educational Supplies & Solutions.” Leader of exceptional innovative IT solutions and educational supplies, PRO TECHnology showcased a wide portfolio of products and solutions for the region’s educational industry. Good evidence of this can be found by the great interest arisen to the main players of educational solution and the sales of last 3d printer devices. In Fact, through this participation, the company has showcased its unique Cube 3D printer (3D SYSTEM) and solar/educational toy (INPRO SOLAR) promoting solar energy through toys, gifts & everyday objects in the house, garden and office. Has been highlighted towards the show also the ergonomic office/school/home chair (AERIS) that brings health and quality of life.

Being at GESS was also a great occasion to meet the UAE Ministry of Education, His Excellency Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi main supporter of GESS. PRO TECHnology has demonstrated the diverse nature and services of Technology and such exhibition is the ideal platform for investors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers to discuss issues relevant to the education at regional and international level.

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