STARK LLC appointed PRO TECHnology as its official distributor of Stark Magnetic Privacy Screen in t

PRO TECHnology Co. LLC.  is pleased to announce its partnership with STARK LLC, a company based in the United States that focuses on designing and engineering high end accessories like the Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook’s, that bridge the gap between sleek form and modern functions.

In Today’s digital age, computer users have been continuously striving to maintain and keep safe their confidential and private information. PRO TECHnology responded by introducing STARK’s Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook in the Middle East.

STARK’s Magnetic Privacy Screen is a custom designed removable privacy screen for Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina. While other privacy screens and screen protectors rely on messy and potentially-damaging adhesives, STARK’s Magnetic Privacy Screen integrates seamlessly with your MacBook’s screen by attaching to the magnets already built in to the MacBook’s frame. Attach the Magnetic Privacy Screen when you’re in any public location (office, coffee shop etc.) and remove it when you’re back at home. The 60° privacy viewing angle (30° from the center of the screen to each horizontal side) assures that only you can see what’s on your display.

PRO TECHnology, with its recent acquisition of STARK’s Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBooks as its official distributor, is confident that it will be an added value to their range of products and services to deliver the best solutions to their clients and the growing demands of Middle East Market.

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