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Functional design, Quality craftsmanship, innovative. These are the ideas that underlines the PRO Hospitality concept.

PRO Hospitality , the newest division of PRO TECHnology, provides the most advanced and innovative health and lifestyle products that stand out in the digital clutter. Keeping the aesthetics and functionality in mind, PRO TECHnology have searched far and wide to bring the latest, top-of the line brands and made them available in the Region’s market.

The new venture has come up with the concept that specializes & gives focus on two segments, “Health” and “Lifestyle Innovation” hence the PRO Hospitality portfolio embodies solutions that pertains in innovative household furniture with focus in improving health. The range also emphasizes on timeless designs in combination with high-end technology.



aeris has devoted itself to revolutionising standing and sitting at the workplace. Our philosophy is as simple as it is effective: more movement! In three dimensions. We call that 3D ergonomics. For our customers this simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity. 


We develop elegant and useful household appliances. We work with passion on innovations for the household. We focus on improving the air and the room climate. We equip living spaces with cool and lovable appliances.


As the premier designer of ergonomic office furniture, our products improve health and comfort. 


InproSolar was founded in 1981 and since its inception, wants to promote solar energy through toys, corporate gifts and objects used by everyone in the home, garden and office. 


Imagine sitting in a concert hall – not just anywhere, but right where the conductor stands. You don’t miss the slightest nuance. You can feel the vibrato. And now imagine this at home, in a lobby, or in a museum – then you are sitting in a sonic chair. Our idea of combining loudspeakers with comfortable seating allows for optimal listening conditions.


Manufacturer of high quality workplace furniture in Europe, developing a growing family of brands.


We've built a software application which enables hotels and resorts to drive additional revenue and enhance guest engagement. We deliver a commercial outcome for our customers and use technology and innovation to empower the experiences of guests. We foster the spirit of human connection, we seek to use technology to enhance it.


All softwares integrate seamlessly to each other, making it an unbeatable suite of hospitality solutions.

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