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Nesu Smart Phone Card (NSPC) is a solution to live a healthy life in an environment full of harmful radiations. Exposure of these deadly radiations everyday are now proved to contribute in causing: cancer, sperm damage, brain cell damage (in young brains especially), birth and DNA defects etc.


Nesu Smart Phone Card is made with a composition of 5 natural metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Quartz and Nickle). Using quantum programming, these metals have been set to a certain frequency that allows NSPC to create a shield around its user with a range of 1 meter to absorb these radiations and to protect users from the adverse health effects in a natural and the safest way. NSPC is certified in Europe and has been tested for results on radiations from one of the world’s most trusted labs such as SGS. It is the only product to receive global recognition by wining 8 Gold medals for its invention in various Exhibitions worldwide.


Nesu Smart Phone card is attached at the back of your device and is easily removed or replaced to another device if you change or upgrade.


It is compatible with all mobile phones and many other devices such as: tablet, Wi-Fi router, laptop, cordless phone etc.


The minimum lifetime of Nesu Smart Phone Card is 5years.

Nesu Smartphone Card Anti Radiation for Family and Baby


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