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The oyo bounces and rocks you in all sorts of sitting positions. It is extremely comfortable and always makes a bella figura - in the office, conference room or at home. oyo is charming, an eyecatcher, a practical work of art, your new favourite place. Try it out at an authorised dealer. And take it straight home with you of course.


with FREE Selina Hygrometer


Is it dry, humid, hot or cold? Selina provides the answer. A smiley face tells you that the air humidity is optimum. When Selina has an unhappy face, the air is either too dry or too humid.


The hygrometer lady is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and measures air humidity and temperature precisely. In addition, the clock display can be switched on or off.


The hygrometer Selina is sleek and elegant and fits harmoniously into any living environment. The slim lady convinces with a �waist� that is just 4 mm wide. The hygrometer Selina monitors the room climate in style and thus helps you to select the right Stadler Form appliance

Oyo Chair Blue Ergonomics with FREE Selina Hygrometer

SKU: OYO04-S-062
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