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iLap is a versatile stand that keeps your laptop and your lap cool. The hinged cushion offers flexibility so you can use your laptop in different positions comfortably. iLap works perfectly on your desk too.

Rain Design Rain Design iLap 15 inch Laptop Stand (Patented)

SKU: 10025
    • Padded with cushions for extra comfort and keeps heat laptop off your lap
    • Raises your laptop screen higher by 2.5-inches to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders
    • Keeps your laptop cool by using lightweight aluminum as a heat sink
    • Great for use on the couch or in bed and converts to a desk stand when front cushion is removed
    • Sand-blasted and silver anodized finish matches Apple notebook
    • Keeps your laptop cool by using light weight aluminum as cool sink.
    • Allows your laptop to run more efficiently and last longer
    • Raises your laptop to keep your lap cool
    • Padded with cushions for extra comfort
    • Ergonomically designed to suit both lap and desk works, so you stay cool even on prolonged use

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