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Our mobile ordering, restaurant management and guest engagement tools, deliver guests a world of experiences. Uninterrupted


We've built a software application which enables hotels and resorts to drive additional revenue and enhance guest engagement. We deliver a commercial outcome for our customers and use technology and innovation to empower the experiences of guests. We foster the spirit of human connection, we seek to use technology to enhance it.


The REVA Hospitality platform is made up of the core REVA Anywhere platform and five additional, beautifully designed enhancement modules to help your business truly maximise its revenue and guest satisfaction potential.

Enable your guests to order anything, wherever and whenever they like during their stay. Food and beverage, Activities, Spa, Hotel Services even Tickets. Anything is possible.

Use our third-party payment gateway to accept debit / credit cards, e-wallets, Alipay and WeChat pay. The gateway offers battle tested reliability, global reach, comprehensive security and rigorous compliance.

A fully featured restaurant management system. Featuring, reservation and waitlist management, table management, guest book, server and rotation management, POS integration and advanced analytics.

Maximise your revenue by creating advertising campaigns to promote any of your outlets or services, even offer discounts and special offers.

Create a unique loyalty program for your guests and reward your most loyal customers with exclusive privileges and recognition.

Book more guests, automate & organise with the right tools. Guests can quickly view your real-time availability and self-book their own appointments—and even, reschedule with a click, and it can integrate to existing calendar applications.


The REVA suite of products integrate seamlessly with many of the world's leading property management systems. From guest billing and messaging to retrieving user profiles and organising bookings. The possibilities are limitless.

The REVA product suite integration connection for restaurant and services POS provides easy, singular access to the world's most popular POS brands.

The REVA suite integrates the latest technologies with an innovative platform that’s always getting better. Battle tested reliability, Global reach, Comprehensive security and Rigorous compliance.

The REVA suite integrates the latest technologies with an innovative platform that’s always getting better. Battle tested reliability, Global reach, Comprehensive security and Rigorous compliance.

We are all facing common challenges, the by product of an increasingly demanding and fragmented industry. The ability to drive revenue, decrease costs and increase guest engagement is becoming more and more difficult.

Guests have the reasonable expectation of a digital experience, which empowers them to experience, explore and consume whenever they want, wherever they are. Guests are distracted, bombarded by external messages, they want to be able to disconnect and consume on their terms.

In an environment where occupancy rates are either holding steady or in decline, we are managing costs as best we can, however success lies in maximising revenue per available guest.

The idea of solutions and products that overcome these difficulties are no longer the impossible, they are very much now a reality. Our products touch your entire product ecosystem of in market spend, ensuring your ancillary guest revenue spend is being maximised.

I believe technology is not a way to replace the power of the human connection. It is merely a connector, an enabler, a way for a frictionless experience to exist, but with an emotional response - powered by people.



We make F&B outlets, spa, hotel services and activities more accessible. Coupled with suggestive / up sell capability and advertising modules we enable you to proactively drive additional revenue.


We enable guests to interact with your property in their language of choice. They choose when, where and how to consume your services and we enable them to pay in a wide variety of ways.


We have designed our product suite to be as easy to use and implement as possible. We integrate with a large number of leading PMS and POS to ensure a harmonious IT experience.


We pride ourselves on our support. From on-boarding to training and post deployment support. We measure our success through yours.

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